Aluminum nitride LED lighting technology solved LED heat problem significantly Date:2016-9-23

To reduce carbon emissions, we use LED lighting widely, but the heat problem influence LED lifetime and performance; this is a big problem for the widely spread of LED. In order to solve this problem, academy of sciences was commissioned by Taiwan department of industrial technology to develop “Aluminum nitride LED lighting technology”, and this technology has been transferred to LED enterprises successfully.

The aluminum nitride LED lighting technology used the excellent insulation and high thermal conduction properties of aluminum nitride material; it improves the thermal performance of LED effectively, and reduces the adverse effects caused by heat.

In addition, the use of aluminum nitride LED lighting technology may improve the long time heat dissipation problem, also reduce the light fades, and finally extend more 6,000 to 7,000 hours of LED life.

For example, the heat issue reduces the lifespan and light effect of car LED headlamps; also due to overheating, the lampshades and other parts may be damaged easily. The use of aluminum nitrideLED lighting technology can enhance the headlights durability significantly.

At present, this technology has been transferred to several LED enterprises; the total technology transfer fee reached more than NT 12 million yuan (USD 400,000), and still increasing, showing the confidence in the industry for this technology.

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