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  • Product Name: Tri-proof light housing for flourescent lamp (dual-tubes)
  • Product Number: LEZX-3B-YH11236T
  • Updated: 2016-07-11
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A,   Feature

1.Outline size:1260x108x85mm     (660x108x85mm,  1560xx108x85mm)

2.Double tube light fixture

3.Water proof design

4.Designed for tube light with G13 holder

5.Original: Guangdong, CN


B,   Component:

6.PC lampshade + PC/ABS rear housing + Seal ring + Middle metal plate + Water-proof connector + Side-lock holder + Clips

C,   Material:

7.Polycarbonate for lampshade

8.Polycarbonate/ABS for rear housing

9.Silicon rubber for seal ring

10.Polycarbonate/ABS or Metal for lock holder

11.Metal with insulating paint for Middle metal plate

12.Anti-oxidative Metal for clips

D,   Transmittance: 70~75% for diffuser

 80-90% for transparent

E,   Length: 2/4/5feet (660/1260/1560mm)

F,   Reliability Test:

13.Salt mist test

14.Extreme environment test

15.Aging test

16.Transmittance measuring


G,   Report:

17.RoHS and MSDS are available


18.Parking lot

19.Plant lighting

20.Warehouse lighting

21.Railway station and bus station

22.Outdoor lighting

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